“ Capital can only be successful, if managed by the managers, who feel compelled to be appreciated and recognised  by those, who are  provided service, rather than owners.”

Public Relations Department of KOZA ANADOLU METAL MADENCİLİK, a subsidiary of Koza-İpek Holding is engaged in the internal and external acitivities of the corporate. Prioritising on setting up sound communication with its employees and showing great care in earning their trust and confidence, Koza Anadolu shapes up its internal activities with this line. As for its external activities, it acts with the principle of “ fostering correct communication thus to maintain sustainability.”
Among its activities, Public Relation department concentrates on following matters :-

  • to give social support to the local people with social responsibility projects,
  • to follow media and press and provide flow of information and to set up press archive.
  • to keep locals informed of the activities carred out in the area,
  • to participate in energy-related  fairs and symposium and arrange stands,
  • to take part in the activities, which  boost internal communication within corporate


KOZA ANADOLU METAL MADENCİLİK, is a corporate company, that aims to continous development and exploration and developing  of copper, lead-zinc, iron and similiar metallic mineral reserves. KOZA ANADOLU has been carrying out its activities by implementing best available technology accepted by international standards, and complying with environment requirements with full respect to the local people and providing maximum contribution to the Turkish economy

We believe that the relationship established on the mutual trust and benefits plays important role in the commercial success of Koza Anadolu.  Our commitment undertaken for Koza Anadolu a subsidiary of Koza Group to be a preferred choice of stakeholders leads to the mutual benefits in all of our relations.

  • Showing respect and understanding for the needs and requests of all members of the community we work with;
  • Conducting our activities in a manner to produce benefits for the community we work with.
  • Acting as a responsible member of the community we work with;
  • Respecting values, opinions and the rights of individuals.

We will endeavor to establish relations based on following points:

  • Open and transparent communication;
  • To learn from each other;
  • Mutual solidarity;
  • To share success.


Always placing the human factor to be  a main principle of priority, Koza Anadolu and the  employees, who are happy to be associated with corporate and whose individual targets meet with the company demonstrate high performance suited to corporate’s culture.

Public Relations and Human Resources Department work in coordination to timely and accurately inform the employees of any developments regarding the compnay and to foster the inter-departmental communications to keep morale and motivation of the empoyees high.