Chrome is a metallic element  with Atomic Number:24, and Atomic Weight is 51.996.

Because of its hardness and having a melting point of . 1857 °C, it is used in to harden the metals and  manufacture of armoured vehicles. It is mainly used in manufacture of stainless steel along with Nickel. Suface of steel is covered with chromotic layer and provides resistance to chemical corrosion.

Symbol: Cr
Atomic Weight: 51.996
Boiling Point (C): 2665
Melting Point (C): 1875
Density: 7.19
Electrical Conductivity: 0.078

Chromite is the only mineral of Chrome ore. It also has silicates, which contain fuchsite kammererite and uvarovite. All chrome deposits are found in  basic and ultrabasic rocks. Peridotites seen as erpentized are most common rocks.

Turkey is an important country in production of chrome.Chrome deosits in Turkey can be classified in 5 regions as follow(Gümüş 1977):

1)  Eskişehir Bursa Region
2)  Çankırı Region
3)  Erzincan Region
4)  Guleman-Hatay Region
5)  Burdur-Fethiye Region

Source :Wikipedia