Lead has been known as 34th element found in the earth. Atomic number of this element  is 82 and atomic mass is 207.21 amu. Lead found in nature with its rare crystal feature is  crystalized in cubic system. It is gray colored and shiny metal.

Chemical and Physical Properties:
Symbol : Pb
Density : 11.34 gr/cm³
Melting Point : 327,5ºC
Boiling Point : 1749ºC
Heat of Fusionı : 4,77 kj/mol

Important lead minerals are galena(PbS); cerrüsite (PbCO3); anglesite (PbSO4); jamesonite (Pb2Sb2S5); jordanite (Pb4As2S7); boulangerite (Pb3Sb2S6); pyromorfit (Pb5Cl(PO4)3); mimemite (Pb10Cl2(AsO4)6) and  wulfenit (PbMoO4).

Galena is the most important lead mineral found  in ecenomically operated deposits. It is usually found with zinc, copper, silver, gold and iron minerals. It is very rare in the world that the lead forms ore mineralization on its own (Southwest Missouri,USA).

It is estimated that world’s lead measured reserve is around 100 million tonnes and Turkey has around 0.8 million tonnes.The top lead production countries are Australia, USA, Kazakhstan, Canada and China.  World’s lead production is 3 million and total is around 6 million tonnes  with scrap.

Turkey’s annual  lead metal production is 35 thousand tonnes. Almost 10 thousand  tonnes are produced from metal lead scarp and around 5-6 tonnes  of ore are sent abroad temporarily. Almost 15000-20000 tonnes are imported to meet demands