Molybidenum is soft, silver-white metallic element. Atomic number is 42 and weight is 95.94. It has an abundance  in earth crust like tungsten but spread over. Molybdenite is most important mineral of molybidenum(MoS₂).

Symbol : Mo
Density : 10.28 gr/cm³
Melting Point : 2623ºC
Boiling Point : 4639ºC
Heat of Fusion : 37,48 kJ/mol

95% of the world’s molybdenum production comes  from porphyry molybdenum and porphyry copper- molybden deposits..

As the mineralization of molybdenum has low grade (0.1-1.0%), it generally needs to go number of process to be enriched. Stock-shaped disseminate Cu deposits has compound copper, molybdenum is intersting with upto 0.004%. Molybdenum deposits can be mined both with surface and underground methods. As at today, 55% of of minnig is carred out by underground and45% is open pit. Molybdenum are used in sspecial steel, nickel and cobalt and titanium base alloys

There is not any molybdenum deposits operated in turkey.However, there are number of molybednum mineralization where reserves and grades were found.Most of the molybdeum mineralization in Turkey is in type of phorphyry copper-molybdenum.In all these, copper is first, molybdenum is second metal.


Source: Chamber of Geologists.