The project area, approximately 15 km south-west of Dursunbey Town is located around Sagirlar, Altinlar, Asagi and Yukarimusalar villages of Town of Dursunbey, Province of Balikesir. It covers the area of 1308.63 hectares and it is licensed to operate.

Sagirlar License Location Map

Simav metamorphics of Paleozoic age is the oldest unit in project area. These are greenschist facies. They are generally observed as quarsite, quartz-muscovite, schist, quartz-muscovite-biotite schist, granite schist.They are at N30-80E, N10-30W and dip is 40-70 NW and SW. Metamorphics have been hornfelsed as metamorphics come in boundaries with granite. Granite is Paleocene aged.Some limonite, pyrite and network quartz veinlets are observed.
• 2 different mineralizations are observed a skarn on the field and hydrothermal vein type overprinting this mineralisation;
• The width of Skarn zones are between 1-30 meters.
• Iron, copper, lead, and zinc mineralizations developed on outer edges of skarn zones and inner of hornsfels
• Molibdenite-pyrite mineralizations are observed on quartz veins inside hornfels.
• There is an old underground gallery on the field. Very small amount of Pb-Zn-Fe had been produced by older miners.
• Only the main skarn zone’s length is 350 meters with an average thickness of 15 meters. Level difference of the zone’s north and south end is 150 meters.
• Although existence of molibdenite mineral depends on intrusive emplacement ,a deailed study will be conducted on the field,where we have obtained upto 2300 ppm on particularly quartz veins and in total 75 rock samplings, over 100 ppm.
In previous studies, samplings were taken from stream sediment, and rocks on the field.
Following values were obtained in rock samplings:
max. 16.95 % Zn, 1.69 % Pb , 49,5 % Fe , 4850 ppm Cu

Granite – Skarn mineralized by marble contavt