• On the field : Late permian aged Malato formation: Recrystalized limestones.
• Late Cretase Tutu formation: shale, recrystalized limestone, metavolcanic, radiolarite
• Eocene aged Kızılagac formation:conglomerate ,sandstone, limestone, claystone.
• Devonien aged Meydan formation: chlorite-cericite metaclastics, dolomotic limestones are observed . • Copper and iron mineralizations are developed in a series of shale, recrystalized limestone, schist and marbles which form Kızılagac and Tutu formations..
• Chalcopyrite rich veins in mineralization zone are observed with WNW strike-slip and reverse faults. Ore veins, which vertically cut laminated limestones at 60 and 105 degrees are hosted in different direction and dip, suitable for moving the main rock.
• -80# stream sediment samples,sistematically rock and soil samples were collected and 1/10000,1/5000,1/2000 scales geological maps were prepared.
• Geophysics studies were conducted by CFT company on 6 lines with IP and magnetic total length of 9.9 km.Planetary company carried out a study using IP pole-dipole method at 4 lines with total length of 6.8 km. Koza team has done magnetic measurements at 12 profile lines with total length of 18km Possible faults obtained from Primary Vertical Derivation and compared with previous studied fault maps significantly match.
• Core drilling works were completed in between 2010-2013 and total of 4653.70 meter was developed at 18 locations.
• Rock samples taken:;
o 77 samples > 10000 ppm Cu (max. 14.66 %)
o 85 samples > 33 % Fe (max.53.4 %)
o 7 sample > 1 ppm Au (max. 23 ppm)
• Some results of the samples taken during drilling works;
o SOD004: 3,6 m @ 3910 ppm Cu
o SOD006: 5,8 m @ 4494 ppm Cu
o SOD007: 10,0 m @ 5600 ppm Cu
o SOD007: 1,0 m @ 11600 ppm Cu
o SOD016: 3,1 m @ 6147 ppm Cu
• It is observed that copper mineralization is a VMS type mineralization.
• In line with receving data from drillings conducted, new drillings have been planned on the spots, regarded to be important and necessary to complete.In 2015 drilling programme will commence.

Picture :1 Ore veins crossing main rock