Situated at approximately 60 km south of province of Nigde, adjacent to town of Ulukisla, with total area of 6415,31 ha, with 1 operational licence and 6 exploration licenses totalling to 7 mining licences.

Ciftehan Project Location Map

• Ciftehan Project consists of three locations, which are closely to each other and named Esendemir, Kocak and Kayserilinindere. All these locations have been closely examined and mapped.
Esendemir occurence is the result of mineralization inside iron skarn deposit volcanics, hornfelses and skarn zone seen along limestone contacts in these units, subject to faults developed lithologically contolled and volcanics

• It was determined that Kocak region mineralizations have been dominantly hosted into North, high-medium angled fault zones and they have been thrown in terms of gravity wih more later stages of high angle faults inclined south.The structural elements have been sorted as exhibiting normal fault attitude at declining vectoral compound and thrust fault, which provide kinematic data for symbolizing region’s oldest tectonic phase as it moves from north to south and seldomly observed normal faults.

• Kayserilinindere region has east-west extending alteration.The region has extensively argillic and advanced argillic, seldomly prophylitic alteration and seldomly anhydrite, key mineral of potassic alteration.Existence of alunite characteristic for high sulphidation type mineralization and silica-pyrite alteration observed in the land and poorly developed vuggy silica formations support a high sulphidation type mineralization. Silica pyrite zones observed in the region with N-S direction provided important anomalies for geochemical analysisses.
The values of samples taken from rocks: max. % 5.38 Cu , >%50 Fe

• In 80’s MTA(General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration) worked on mapping and samplings and realised 6 drillings with a length of 450 meter by magnetic works around closed galleries and open pit. Within mapping and sampling process, Koza Anadolu Metal has taken 44 samples from stream sediment, 331 samples from rocks and 1/2000 - 1/5000 gelogical -alteration-fault mapping and 100 meter’s length 1 trenching and 429 km of magnetic measurements at total of 61 lines, 7.8km length by pole-dipole method IP geophysics and total of 10140,60 meter core drilling at 58 holes.

• Some of the results of the samples:
EDDH001: 7, 70 m @ %1, 86 Cu
EDDH001: 9, 10 m @ % 31, 20 Fe
EDDH004: 3, 70 m @ %34, 85 Fe
EDDH007: 7, 90 m @ %32, 40 Fe
EDDH007: 1, 70 m @ %1, 90 Cu, % 26, 50 Fe
EEDH018: 3, 90 m @ %34, 60 Fe
EDDH019: 6, 30 m @ % 61, 90 Fe
EDDH021: 10,20 m @ % 24, 40 Fe
EDDH022: 2,60 m @ % 1, 15 Cu
EDDH042: 12,10 m @ %0,40 Cu, % 22 Fe

• Additional drilling programs are on hold since forestry permits could not have been obtained due a circular by the the Office of Prime Minister.