Project area, which covers 1486 hectares is situated around Elmali Village at Ciftehan region of Ulukışla Town / Nigde Province.

Elmali barite-lead-zinc mineralization consists of 3 vein zones, which is in one structural zone extending to 1.5 km at east-west direction. In previous years, small scaled miners have carried out operations at 3 levelled galleries at the level heights of 1425 meter, 1450 meter and 1475 meter with dimensions of 200mx5mx75m at southwest of Ortakbeli Hill.

BLEG and 80# stream sediment samplings and systematic soil and rocks samplings were conducted along with geological mapping with 1/10000, 1/15000 and 1/2000 scales. Max. 1,7 % Cu, % 20 Pb, % 3.06 Zn and 200 ppm Ag results were taken from rock samples.

As the result of works carried out , drilling program was set up to develop 1678.30 meter in 7 holes. Additional drilling programs are on hold since forestry permits could not have been obtained due a circular by the the Office of Prime Minister.

Results of drilling works:
ED003 : 1.50 meter @ % 0.85 Pb
ED006 : 10.00 meter @ % 0.87 Pb
ED007 : 12.60 meter @ % 1 Pb

Lead-barite vein

Drilling core picture (vein of galena inside quartz-barite (PbS)